15 Best Apps For Solo Travellers

Best Apps For Solo Travellers

When you travel alone, having travel apps makes your life so much easier. They help you navigate your way around, make sure you know what you’re spending and can help you understand the local language. Having travelled solo to 115 countries, I’ve put together a list of the best apps for solo travellers to download before your next solo trip. Find an app for solo travellers to meet, dining alone in the evenings and discounts on solo female-friendly brands. Some of these are free too!

N.b. If you’re ready to plan your solo trip but are unsure how to do it, I’ve written an article on the 12 steps to plan a solo trip that will help! 

Apps for solo travellers

Best Solo Travel Apps

1. Girl about the Globe 

I have to put this one first as it’s my very own app! It’s an exclusive discount app for solo female travellers with access to more than 40 solo-female friendly brands. You can save discounts on travel bras, tour companies, retreats, travel products, travel mentoring and so much more.

Download it for free and search by category whether you’re looking for a travel service or travel product, or search by country to see if we have a partner in the country that you’re planning on visiting! We have new partners signing up all the time too! There are hardly any discount apps for solo female travellers so I hope you love the app as much as I loved creating it for you! Download through App Store or Google Play

Apps for solo travellers

2. Nomad Her

Nomad Her is a travel app designed specifically for women. It’s a meet solo travellers app and provides a safe and supportive place for female travellers to connect with each other, share experiences, and get advice. This meet travellers app offers travel guides, safety tips, and recommendations for places to stay. It also has social features like chat and event planning to make travel more enjoyable and secure. Nomad Her is perfect for women who want to travel alone.

Apps for solo travellers

3. Maps.me

Maps.me is my favourite travel app. Although Google maps is great, it’s not accessible if you don’t have photo data. That’s where maps.me comes in. It’s an offline map that you download before you go. You can then follow the map when you’re in a taxi and show taxi drivers (who get lost) where you need to go. You can save places as favourites which pinpoints them on your map so you can locate them easily.  It even has a blue arrow pointing the way that you are meant to go. Can maps get any easier? This app is ideal for those of us who aren’t great at directions.

N.b. If you are planning on driving a car, Navmii is a free navigation and traffic app.

Apps for solo travellers

4. Currency

This app is a life saver if you are travelling to countries whose notes have more than one nought on the end. It works offline and is perfect if you are crossing the border with limited options to exchange money. All you need to do is put in the amount you want to exchange e.g. $10 and it shows the exact exchange in all of the currencies that you have already chosen. No more working out the currency in your head!

Apps for solo travellers

5. Tripit

Designed to make your travel plans more organised, TripIt allows you to forward your travel confirmation emails to the app, aggregating your plans into a daily itinerary. You can see when your next tour and flight is, and have all your plans into one handy little app. It helps keep everything together.

Apps for solo travellers

6. WiFi Map

We all need WiFi when we travel, whether it’s to book onward travel for our trip, stay in touch with friends and family or just download the latest Netflix series. WiFi Map helps identify free hotspots in 95 countries across the globe for easy access to a WiFi connection. For the countries it doesn’t cover, purchase a sim card at the airport.

Apps for solo travellers

7. Uber

Uber are in so many countries and are ideal for those who us who struggle with taxi drivers either not knowing where they are going or speaking the same language (or both!) Uber allows you to order a taxi on your phone and pay for it direct through the app. It tells you your driver’s name, the numberplate of the car and how far away your taxi is. You’ll never have to use unlicensed taxis again.

Apps for solo travellers

8. Google Translate

A must-have travel companion, Google Translate helps translate 90 languages through text and audio features. Instead of taking a bulky pocket dictionary for your trip you can just use your phone if you have problems communicating. It even speaks the translated words for you too. You do need data to use it.

Apps for solo travellers

9. Omio

Finding last minute transportation can be a bit stressful. If you are travelling through Europe GoEuro compares buses, trains and flight prices across Europe. The app has over 46,000 routes and partners with leading transportation companies such as National Express, Eurostar and EasyJet. It’s perfect for last-minute bookings. 

Apps for solo travellers

10. BlaBlaCar

If the cost of a train, bus or car hire is too much, then try BlaBlaCar. BlaBlaCar is a ride sharing service that connects drivers with empty seat to passengers who need a ride. Just search for your route and look for a driver who is already going there. The app gives you details about the driver and the cost of the trip. It’s a bit like hitchhiking without having to stand at the side of the road. Your price basically covers the cost of the petrol and you may even make friends too. They even have a ladies only service too. BlaBlaCar overs 22 countries and has 25 million members.

Apps for solo travellers

11. Eatwith

For those of us who try to avoid the awkward dining out alone experience, Eatwith gives us the chance to dine with locals. It is a social dining platform that offers travellers an opportunity to have an authentic meal in-home in 60 countries worldwide with a local host. Eating local cuisine at restaurants is great, but dining in with locals is even better when you’re travelling.

Apps for solo travellers

12. Rick Steves

If you haven’t heard of him, Rick Steves is an absolute travel god. His website is bursting with detailed travel information to help you navigate your way around Europe. His self-guided walking tours are great for us Budget Girl about the Globes who don’t want to do a tour. He now has audio guides which you can download for various museums instead of having to pay for them at museums. Thank you Rick!

Apps for solo travellers

13. Geosure

GeoSure’s mission is to help make the world a safer place for everyone and they have created an award-winning travel app ideal for women travelling solo.

GeoSure is the only personalised, location-sensitive safety awareness app on the market. Using safety, security and health data, they are able to provide continuously updated safety scores for every popular destination and major cities about the globe. You can even check individual neighbourhoods meaning that you can travel with confidence, knowing which areas are safe and which ones to avoid.

It works by displaying a score from 1 to 100 for each location. Factors such as physical harm, women’s safety, theft, political freedoms, health and medical and overall safety are considered for the GeoSafeScores. The lower the score, the safer the location.

Apps for solo travellers

14. Waze

If you are driving, you can use an app that shows you where to go. Waze is very popular and easy to use. You just type in the address and you will be guided along the best possible route. You can also use Google Maps. Google Maps will also give you suggestions for local public transportation, which might be a help if you want to park and continue by foot, bus or train in a city.

Apps for solo travellers

15. Mark O’Travel

This is more of a fun app than a practical one as you can create your very own map of the world. It’s great for those of us who travel and want to trace out steps around the world. You just need to add all the countries that you have visited to design your personalised map. If you’ve ever wanted to make a map of where you have been, download Mark O’Travel.

Final Thoughts…

These are just some of the best apps for solo travellers. You may find others as you’re on your solo trip. Some apps are region specific such as Redbus which is used in India to book buses, and Taxify which is an alternative for Uber in Georgia. There’s also Bolt and Careem for taxi apps too depending on where in the world you’re travelling to. Next time you strike up a conversation with a fellow traveller ask them which apps they use to add it to your list. Safe travels!

best apps for solo travellers

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